Your invitation to The Battle of Evesham Launch Event

Tuesday 15th July 2014

6pm – 8pm at The Parish Church of All Saints Evesham

The Battle of Evesham Launch Event

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Have you set your Digital Marketing Resolutions for the year ahead?


Digital Marketing is an increasingly important factor in todays Marketing environment. Download the FREE Areca Design factsheet here, to find out four main resolutions you can apply to your business, to succeeed in the Digital Marketing realm in 2014. 

Four Digital Marketing Resolutions to stick to in 2014

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Areca Christmas Card 2013

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Google+ is now the second most actively-used social networking sites in the world. This Fact Sheet provides an overview of of the intriguing features of the digital platform:

What is Google+?

What are the additional features?

What are the benefits if using Google+?


Google+ Fact Sheet

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Accessing the Internet as a means of gathering information is becoming the norm for many of us in today's technology-driven 21st Century. With more and more individuals relying on search engines to generate reliable search results, Google's new update aims to keep it's search engine as relevant to modern browsing trends and expectations as possible. 

The update does not only impact the way in which Internet users search for and retreive information – Google Hummingbird unveils an invitation of opportunity for many organisations. Fundamentally, the core idea of the update seeks to generate much more relevant and useful search results, by identifying the context behind the search query. If this is the case, organisations must be utilizing their online presence, SEO activities and digital skills – to boost their opportunities to be seen in search results.

The Google Hummingbird Factsheet provides an overview of the new technological update, the key changes in search results and how your business can develop web pages that are desired and ranked higly by Google. 

Google Hummingbird Factsheet

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Trigger Pack V02

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Your website is potentially a powerful tool that enables you to provide prospective customers with information about the products and services that you provide. However like you, many other companies are also keen to take advantage of the available technology, making the marketplace more competitive than ever.

Although you will probably wish to advertise the presence of your website as part of your other marketing campaigns, perhaps on leaflets, brochures or through the local press, most potential customers will attempt to find sites like yours via popular web search engines, such as

Google for example.

This means that the success of your website is at least in part determined by its visibility to the customer when these search engines are used. Clearly therefore, it is important for your website to be as highly ranked on the search engine as possible. It is common sense that a customer is more likely to visit a site that appears on page one of Google, instead of a site on page ten.

A high ranking on Google is achievable via an ongoing process called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a proven, low cost method of improving your ranking on Google that offers a high return on your investment. The process enables you to ensure the visibility of your business on the web without requiring a budget for expensive online advertising.

SEO Factsheet

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One of the inescapable truths about life in the 21st century is that web based technologies and social media now play an often significant part in our day to day lives. Whether it be shopping online, online banking or maintaining our own presence on the web, we are all in some way linked into a network that conveniently provides us with products, services and the opportunity to share our news at the touch of a button or click of a mouse....

Facebook Fact Sheet

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Cookie EU LAW Guide

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Integrating Local and Social Media P1

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Integrating Local and Social Media P2

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