During the last 30 years, I honed my graphic design skills as a specialist Higher Education prospectus designer, after which I diversified my skill-set to now offer fully integrated marketing support, covering Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile App Development, Audio-Visual, Internet Marketing, Exhibition Stand Design and Management, Mobile Exhibition Units and Specialist Promotional Give-aways.

Prior to founding Areca Design, I successfully managed design teams within several large agencies, becoming the Senior Designer and handling accounts such as the Yamaha Worldwide, The University of Warwick, JBA/GEAC, and currently as Areca Design – Yamazaki Mazak, Biffa and Dennis Eagle. My vision is to build a respected design and marketing agency that has a reputation for innovation and creativity – helping businesses and organisations, whatever their size, achieve marketing goals.

Mick Hurst

Managing Director

8 paws, 4 legs and 2 wheels, plus 500 swords – my typical weekend.

For almost 30 years, I've worked in a range of roles from a Graphic Designer to Senior Web Team Leader. My knowledge & experiences have taught me to perfectly understand what is needed to create projects from their initial conception & brief, right through to their final completion.

As the Studio Manager at Areca Design, I am responsible to help the teams provide a high standard of cutting-edge products & services, whilst maintaining a high level of care & attention to all our client's needs.

Paul Grant

Studio Manager, Senior Graphic Designer

'Liam, It's still not a circle, you'll be telling me the moon is oval next.'

I joined Areca Design following a lengthy educational and working history in digital design. Having always been enthusiastic about art and creativity, digital design has been the perfect career choice for me as it gives me the opportunity to transfer my visual designs and ideas from paper to screen. I love to create and will not stop until I drop.

Chris Adams

Senior Web Designer

I have the ability to hyper-focus. Like a double edged sword, it is my strength and weakness.

I joined Areca Design shortly after completing a degree in Computing, during my studies I developed a keen interest in web design and development. I enjoy turning a conceptual design into a practical and responsive web page. Whilst utilising the industry’s cutting edge tech, I always aim to deliver a unique and innovative website for the client.

Ben Foster

Web Developer

Asking Chris 1000 questions.

I have a passion for all things "coding" and after spending the last 4 years developing my own apps, I decided to join Areca Design as a Senior App Developer. I'm excited to join the team and look forward to utilising my skills to develop various Apps for clients, specialising in AR/VR.

Liam Young

Senior App Developer

I'm just here to annoy Paul with rugby ball shaped graphics.

Zaib Inamdar

App Developer

With a dad that’s been a software engineer for decades, a brother who programs satellites and another brother who is a professional animator, it’s fair to say my passion for all things tech and creative design has been nurtured from a young age.

After working in marketing for 4 years, including a year at The Royal Shakespeare Company, I decided that I wanted to take my skillset to the next level and become a programmer. A year of self study later and now I am working with Areca Design providing cutting edge software and marketing solutions for all of our clients, no matter the scope.

Ben Bayley

App Developer

The amount of coffee I consume could power a small country.