Augmented Reality (AR) - Green Screen

Augmented Reality Green Screen Characters and Presentations

Our Augmented Reality Apps are a great way of bringing flat graphics to life using green screened characters, both real and animated. We can create and develop powerful and impactful green screened characters for use on exhibition displays, business cards, posters, flyers or other marketing materials. You can use any flat graphic as a trigger, which has the ability to load a character who can talk about the materials you are advertising, deliver a presentation or give a friendly welcome to your potential clients.

Take a look at some of our AR examples below, but firstly you will need to download our Areca Design AR App. To do this, visit the your app store and search for 'Areca Design AR', download the free app and then you will be able to scan the below triggers to load up our Green Screen examples.

Your customers now rely on their mobile devices like never before and so Augmented Reality Apps are the perfect way to tie in all aspects of your marketing collateral and activities, from print advertising and exhibitions to product packaging, company brochures and websites. The world of AR is only as limited as your imagination. To discuss Augmented Reality Apps applications, strategies and to experience the power of AR first hand, call a member of the team at Areca Design now on 01386 570360 or email Alternatively use the contact form here. To learn more about Augmented Reality please click here.