HW Chamber of Commerce  

Two Counties supported by an award-winning Chamber

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce has been the leading business-support organisation in the two counties for many years and Areca Design has been involved in the Chamber since our inception in 2009.

The Chamber have two main methods of communicating their news, events and training services to the Chamber members, their digital communications and the bi-Monthly Business Direction magazine.
Areca Design has developed an App which combines these strands of engagement - delivering digital from print.

Using Augmented Reality (AR), several news stories in the most recent Business Direction magazine, spring to life when looked at through a smart-devices camera. MFG Solicitors and Worcestershire County Cricket club were two of the major organisations to feature, along with a 60 second time-lapse presentation of the HW Chamber's last Expo.

As the App leaves a digital footprint, we are able to analyse usage. Martyn Hammond, Marketing Director of the HW Chamber commented that he was very happy with the uptake from this initial experiment with the AR App technology and they are looking forward to the next issue, in early 2018.