ForumLatest NewsHow Can Brands Gear Up During the 2016 Rio Olympics?

How Can Brands Gear Up During the 2016 Rio Olympics?

How Can Brands Gear Up During the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Sporting Events Set the bar with Innovative Marketing Campaigns

With the World’s biggest sporting competition well under way and 19 Gold medals under Great Britain’s belt, we take a look at the true value of a well-designed brand and marketing campaign.

How Marketing has Transformed over the Years

In the world of Marketing and Advertising, we constantly see updates, changes and swift movements in the way that brands market themselves. Not to mention the plethora of digital marketing potential amid Global events, such as the Olympics.

London 2012 Olympics, for example, introduced the rollout of digital-first campaigns on a Global scale. The World saw Coca-Cola’s ‘Move to the beat’ campaign, where content was specifically created to be shared across all social media and traditional methods of communication. Visa’s ‘Go World’ campaign was another incentive for people around the Globe to get involved with the sporting experience, inviting fans to show their support for Team Visa athletes and send ‘cheers’ on social media.

But, London was just the start for Social Media and Digital Campaigns. This year brands are using social in much more meaningful ways – we are becoming more participants than spectators. Not only are brands investing more time and effort into their social marketing campaigns, but they are also creating ways for people to participate and interact on a Global level. This leverages fans and consumers to actually be a part of the buzz amid other social users – uploading content, sharing comments and interacting with brands and users through their own choice – that’s the power of social media...


Rio 2016 Campaigns Dominate the Digital World

Coca-Cola is one marketer that has been taking full advantage of every aspect of the Olympic games. As the longest running sponsor of the event, this year the brand is running a stimulating marketing campaign across 50 markets, called #ThatsGold. The campaign utilised footage of up to 79 athletes from a range of 23 different countries.

According to Chief Marketer online: ‘The campaign is built on a basic insight: The outcome of any experience is about the memory you are left with after the experience is over. And more often than not, that memory is captured through videos, photos and tweets – by both the brand and the consumers – and post on social, launching content into cyberspace aglow with followers and fans”. (Patricia Odell, Chief Marketer online, 2016).

Many other brands are also utilising the opportunity to kick off their marketing activity during the World's biggest sporting event. Brands such as Nissan, Lacoste, P&G, Adidas, Panasonic, Kellogg’s and many more have introduced unique campaigns to support Team GB in the run-up to the closing ceremony! It’s highly likely that you will have noticed the sport-dominated social platforms, with further campaigns such as Samsung Mobile and their inspiring #DoWhatYouWant campaign and Nike’s reinvented #JustDoIt campaign to suit the sporting phenomenon.

The list of inspirational campaigns is endless and has definitely raised the bar this year. The shift is truly recognisable in the way that brands are now aiming to tell stories and really connect with their audiences on a personal level – through various digital and social platforms. Where brand campaigns were once focussed on athletes and fans, advertisers appear to be tapping further into cultural trends and personal stories, rather than their product and it’s features.

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