Brochure Design and Print

Brochures are an invaluable marketing tool and help promote your business offering with maximum branding exposure.

Why use brochures for marketing?

Corporate brochures are highly effective in promoting important and interesting business information to customers. Utilising brochures, booklets and catalogues as part of your marketing strategy can come to the rescue when potential customers are not familiar with your business. Perhaps you wish to branch out into a new market, or promote new product lines – professional brochures can educate prospective customers and become a great influence on moving forward with a sale.

Custom designs

Areca Design can create bespoke, creative brochure designs, perfectly tailored to suit your business objectives. From a simple company introduction brochure, to a complex product catalogue, we create effective collateral that not only looks good but also communicates perfectly to your audience.

Brochure print management

We take into consideration your desired size, page layout, number of pages, folds, pockets and bespoke design elements that will come together to create a valuable point-of-contact for every customer. If you are unsure of the exact look and feel, just let us know and we will use our expertise to suggest innovative print options to suit your deadlines and desired budget.