Tips on writing good SEO copy


Writing SEO Website Content

When we create your site the structure is there and well optimised, but we need your help to add more meat to the bones. The bigger your website gets and the more content you have on your industry the more important a resource Google will view you as, therefore you appear higher as a better option for Google to display to their users.

You need to tailor your pages and content to target the popular search terms you found in your keyword research. For example if more people are searching for driving schools in Worcester than driving instructors in Worcester, then you should target the more popular keywords and build your content around those.

No one will write SEO content as well as you can, you know your business and have the knowledge that people searching Google crave. Make this available on your site to each of your identified buyer personas. Remember to use your keyword research when you decide what to write about and call your page name by the search term you would like your customers to find you with.


Keyword Density

The most important factor to consider in your content is the keyword density; For example if you are a driving school in Worcester looking for pupils, make a page called “driving school Worcester”. Then ensure that you mention the words “driving”, “school” and “Worcester” as a density of between 5-7% in your website text.

Your website software has a SEO keyword density calculator in page manager to give you these figures

SEO tips Density Checker

It’s also essential to have your keywords in a heading, within your Page Manager you can highlight the heading and change the format of your heading to be “heading 1,2 or 3”. The search engines will see this description and deem the heading 1 to be the most important and list your page in their results for the text in the heading. A similar strategy for an online store would be to create a page designated to a range of products and write SEO content about them so the search engines pick up this text.

Inserting Images

When inserting an image into a page look for the input box “Alternative Text” Use this text to describe what the image is and again tell Google your keywords. For example “Instructor image – driving school Worcester”

SEO tips Alt Text

We also have the option for you to tell the search engines what is contained within the page as an executive summary. These are called meta tags or meta data, again these help the search engines understand what you do and what the contents of this page are.

SEO tips Meta Tags

When writing website content you should aim to address your buyer’s problems by giving them the detailed information they require, then you can satisfy their needs by closing the sale.

Each week you should add 1 new page to your website as a minimum. The more pages you create more the opportunities you have to appear in the search engines. We realise that your visitors might not want to see all of the SEO content you add, so when adding a page you can untick the header box and tick the footer box so your new page is only linked from the footer of your website.

There is one phrase that has stuck in the SEO industry… Content is king.. So get writing!