Website design for every business

At Areca Design, we are passionate about creative web design. This part of the process is much more than just pixel pushing – this is where we ensure your site both looks gorgeous and functions perfectly. Whether your business requires an information based platform, an online portal for increased sales or a boost in enquiries, we have many examples of websites that have met and exceeded their unique company objectives, with a visually striking design.

Website design for information, lead generation or direct sales

We design and develop high quality, fully customised websites that give your company the presence and style it really deserves. Dedicated to creating practical and distinctive sites, our aim is to provide simple, end-user-driven solutions that exceed expectations. We ensure all of our client websites are fresh, unique, engaging and fully functional. Not only that, but our creative developers have the knack it takes to also ensure your website is loved by search engines.

Our standard website package includes

Bespoke website design

Responsive website build

SSL certificate

Website hosting

Search engine optimisation

Telephone and ticket support

Bebsite training

E-newsletter system

Social media integration

Software maintenance

E-commerce system if required

Fully GDPR compliant

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Website development that creates opportunities

Our software partners have developed the ultimate e-commerce platform, where your website will market itself. The software is fully self-content managed, has an in-built social media control panel, responsive design and includes an easy-to-use e-newsletter generator, amongst many other unique features. Our dynamic web developers are also experienced in creating Wordpress and HTML websites, turning those first impressions into lasting experiences.

Bring it all together with your own digital marketing strategy

Our approach combines a clear understanding of our clients and their diverse audience base. To ensure that you get the most from your website and social media activity, we combine creative development with marketing advice and enhanced analysis tools. Whatever the reason behind your new website venture, we can help you to create the best possible online impression and meet your ambitious targets.

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